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"Murgo" unfolds the musings of Sammy Murgo, a Maltese musician whose life was steeped in the rhythms of swinging jazz and the local music scene of Malta. From his early days mimicking his father's violin playing to his mastery of the saxophone, the documentary traverses through Murgo's personal challenges, including the loss of his father, and professional milestones, such as his shift from violin to saxophone under the guidance of renowned musicians. His journey is set against the broader backdrop of Malta's spirit and its cultural heritage, providing a rich, experience of a life devoted to music and family.

Strait Street to Abbey Road

In 'Strait Street to Abbey Road', Maltese drummer Tony Carr is a teenager hiding in underground shelters during World War II, while also playing jazz in Valletta's Strait Street bars with African-American jazz musicians. Life as a musician had its limitations in Malta and in order to pursue a career in music Tony moved to London to break into the contemporary music scene. Following years of working odd jobs, Tony's breakthrough came when he joined international star Billy Eckstine on a European tour. Tony became in high demand as a session player in London. In the 60s, John Cameron, a noted jazz and pop pianist, conductor and arranger, recruited Tony Carr as his first-call session player. Ella Fitzgerald, Sixto Rodriguez, Donovan, Alan Price, and Paul McCartney are just a few of those with whom Tony worked.

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